MX Review (M3)

Dec 17, 2pm
Don McKay, Rick Haldenby, Elizabeth English

-Two streams
(1) transition from fashion transforming from ritual to appearance (from encompassing concept of occupying space to single flat image)
(2) unpack these movies formidably (pure iconography, luxury from a space of manners to a system of possession, literally analyze the luxury of dynamics of space e.g. who enters room first, body language...)
-external opinion
(1) Susan Sontag on Richard Avedon
(2) Emily Post versus Thorstein Veblen

-what is the vertical axis of your matrix?

-two sides of envy (inducer, lustee)
-Great Gatsby lies in all the stories (outsider, the contrast of wanting, the tragedy)

-Map out/distinguish between:
(1) faux site, (2) actual site, (3) recreated site off location
-Simple questions:
(1) social strata?
(2) luxury inside versus outside?
(3) parallels, cross-examine films
(4) role of public spaces?

-film equipment (device that transfers the vision of the script to the film) innovation, different exposures, on location

-what is your organization? cluster of essays?
-must talk about technology changes in air travel during this time

-Fashion Systems: how is space used to amplify/diminish power? where are the differentials of this power in these films? draw it out; write about it
-Anne Hollander (Seeing Through Clothes, Women in the Mirror, Sex and Suits, Moving Pictures, Fabric of Vision, Feeding the Eye: Essays)
-count things: how many screen minutes focused on location? shot front with no context, shot from a distance with context, shot from side...); number of times...

-role of women as ultimate symbol of luxury; objects of desire
-number of minutes of dialogue
-the black dress, iterations of the same thing

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